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Joe Goggins                                                                         406-861-5664

Owner, Auctioneer, Field Rep                                   

Bob Cook                                                                              406-670-0078

Owner, PAYS General Manager                   

Ty Thompson                                                                     406-698-4783

Cattle Sale Manager, Auctioneer, Field Rep     

Bill Cook                                                                                406-670-0689

BLS General Manager, Auctioneer, Field Rep                 

Greg Goggins                                                                       406-200-1880   

Auctioneer, Field Rep                    

Corey Schultz                                                                      406-690-1150

Feeder Sale Coordinator, Field Rep    

Dan Catlin                                                                            406-671-7715

Field Rep

Kenny Stahl                                                                        406-654-4278

Field Rep

Alan Clark                                                                           406-860-0993   

PAYS Yard Foreman                    

Jaime Ottun                                                                        406-245-6447

PAYS Office Manager                                                     406-698-1962

​                          Fax:         406-256-6010

MT Dept. of Livestock-Brand Office                     406-245-7011

​          (located at PAYS)

PAYS Café                                                                            406-252-3034


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Visit us at 1802 Minnesota Ave Billings MT 59101. 
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Mail us at P.O. Box 1781

Billings, MT  59103